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Main Monthly Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of the month at Crowne Plaza Executive Park,  5700 Westpark Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217.

Whether you are just starting out in real estate investing, or are working on your hundredth deal, Metrolina REIA can help you learn more, make more, and have more fun doing it.


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Walter W.

Warm, friendly, informative, profitable!

~Walter W.  , on May 16, 2014. (via meet-up)

Joe G

Wonderful insights from individuals who know there marketplace. Highly recommended to anyone entertaining ANYTHING involved with Real Estate investing, regardless of your experience…newbie or “old hand”. ” Wonderful insights from individuals who know there marketplace. Highly recommended to anyone entertaining ANYTHING involved with Real Estate investing, regardless of your experience…newbie or “old hand”. ”.”

- Joe G.  , on Jan 17, 2014. (via meet-up)

Tony R.

Learn from others, networking, find investor friendly vendors and contractors. All you are looking for in a investor organization.

-  Tony R. , on Jan 4, 2014. (via meet-up)

Tunisia S.

I like what they are doing. I think it will be a great place to network and learn. I liked what I saw and heard so I joined the REIA. ..

Tunisia S. ,  on Mar 16, 2012. (via meet-up)

Ernie S.

 A great network group, full of all types of seasoned to newbie investors.

~Ernie S. on May 17, 2014. (via meet-up)

Bruce and Gail W.


We would like to thank you for a very informative Saturday seminar. We feel that we have learned quite a bit from it, and we would like to join your 3-day seminar in October.”

- Bruce and Gail W. , FGH Property Holdings, Inc. 

Nick Koszegi

 This was a great meeting last night and guest speaker (Brian Elam-Attorney) provided us with some very valuable information.!”

Nick Koszegi, Review via Lake Norman Subgroup

Lisa Lathrop

                                                                                                                                                                                  Great Meeting!

Lisa Lathrop, on January 15, 2015 (via Facebook) 

Carlos Javier Vera

Very good meeting last night, one new thing I learned was never do rent credits on Lease Options”

Carlos Javier Vera, Reiew via Lake Norman Subgroup

Jack and Michelle Knochel

Brian provided some great insight to the Frank-Dodd Act “

- Jack and Michelle Knochel, Review via Lake Norman Subgroup

Joe Gater

Wonderful insights from individuals who know their marketplace. Highly recommended anyone entertaining ANYTHING involved with Real Estate investing, regardless of your experience…newbie or “old hand. “

- Joe Gater, Review via Metrolina REIA Meetup Page

Bill Butler

I felt right at home, just like my club in LA “

Bill Butler, Review via Metrolina REIA Meetup Page

Chuck Philips

Hey investors in the Charlotte Area, the Metrolina REIA is a great group to join and get with other investors. The networking done is fantastic to your business and you can obtain many ways to obtain the needed information for your investing business

Review via Metrolina Facebook Page

Isis Grace Murillo

The largest and best Real Estate Association n Charlotte! Keep up the good work and more power!

~Isis Grace Murillo

Haydee Z.

We feel that by getting a big group together to play this game, we all benefit by learning from each other. Because, every person tht comes to our Game nights wants to learn and share their insights as well.

~ Haydee Z. 

Lisa Hoegler

Lisa credits finding her love for real estate during her Habitat experience, she undoubtedly credits Metrolina REIA in CHarlotte for making her, as she calls it, “a player in the sport investing.” By networking with other inverstors and vendors at the Metrolina REIA, Hoegler was able to quickly get the right education, learn the rules of the game and start hitting home runs with her fledgling rehab business.

Sean Mckay

Sean is passionate about both real estate investing and Self-Directed IRAs and Sean will put that knowledge to good use as a leader of the Metrolina REIA Landlord Association.

Larry Goins

I was asked by the founder of y local association Allon Thompson of Metrolina REIA to get involved in the group. I joined, became a member and was eventually elected president for two years. I was one of the locl go-to guys to bring deals to and it all started because I volunteered at my local association. Thanks Allon!

~Larry Goins

John Thompson

We are very excited to sponsor Metrolina REIA’s November meeting and we are eager to introduce Lima One Capital to Charlotte residential real estate investors,”

John Thompson, Director of Operations.

Woody Wolden

Than Merrill has coached and funded numerous deals for Matt Connolly and Anthony Moore of Pike Properties in Charlotte who are members of the Metrolina REIA.

~Woody Wolden

BridgeWell Capital

The Metrolina REIA is the key to mitigate the risk associated with investing in real estate. They can provide a wealth of information regarding real estate investing laws and best practices. You will also have the opportunity to network with other real estate professionals and create partnerships.
At BridgeWell Capital, we encourage our borrowers to join Metrolina REIA so they can be even more successful when applying for a private loan.

Bill Carey

At our last Investor meeting (Metrolina REIA) I met more new members who joined to have another way to access the deals in “Short Sales” and “Foreclosures”. Many brokers/agents don’t want to help buyers with “Short Sales” they say it’s just too much work.

~ Bill Carey

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REIA’s that are in the National REIA network are optimized to give you the greatest chance at success in the real estate investment world.  National REIA groups offer:

  • Relationships and benefits with vendors common to real estate vendors (Home Depot, Sherwin-Williams, and many others)
  • Massive national networking events including a Mid-Year Conference and Annual Cruise Exclusive online real estate investment education
  • Newsletters highlighting industry trends and current legislative updates
  • Much, much more…