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  • Are you putting off a big decision or a big life change because you are afraid of what could happen? There is incredible power in defining and getting clear about the worst case scenario, the nightmare that you’re too afraid to look square in the......

  • The concept of fixing and flipping property has taken a new turn and nowadays, it is a lucrative way for investors to amass wealth and increase their personal net worth. Who knew buying that beautiful yacht would become easy after getting the hang of fixing......

  • Wholesaling is a great way to enter the world of real estate investing because you don’t need much capital to begin with. Real estate offers incredible wealth-building opportunities, but for many, it is difficult to get started in because of the huge capital investment required.......

  • As the real estate market continues to heat up and more people are jumping into the investing business, I am starting to see some interesting and disturbing trends, such as multiple wholesalers contracting to buy the same house from the same seller. Yes, the seller is......

  • There are many ways of categorizing people. Especially when it comes to success or failure. Thinking through what I see at my REIA meetings each month, here’s what I’ve noticed: Losers whine about the weather. Winners get to the meeting. Losers complain about the traffic.......

  • Editor’s note: This is the first of a two-part column.  pl. hyp·no·ses (-sz): An artificially induced altered state of consciousness. Real estate hypnosis is the artificial induction of believing the “rules” of real estate don’t change. That well-established principles of real estate must be followed......

  • Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part column. The first appeared Sept. 23. “You need money to make money”: This is the most powerful hypnotic lie for most investors. For most of my students this is the biggest barrier they need to break......

  • When speaking to the uninitiated about the innumerable benefits of investing in real estate, a common response I get is: “well, I don’t want to be running out to unclog a tenant’s toilet at 3am.” I wonder if they think that I want to? That......

  • Real Estate transactions have several participants seated at the closing table that are responsible for the success of the deal and that make a profit from the deal. If you were to sit down and figure the hours spent working on the project then divide......

  • It is well-nigh impossible to impossible to be a Real Estate Investor for any length of time without owning a house that sits vacant at some point- be it between tenants, or after a rehab and while you’re waiting for it to sell (in a......

Real Estate Investing Today

  • New Single-Family Home Sales Down 7.8%
    The U.S. Government is reporting that sales of new single-family houses in May, 2019 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 626k, which is 7.8% lower than April’s revised figure.  The median sales price of new houses sold in April 2019 was $308k and the average sales price was... Read more »
  • Investor Buys Tax Delinquent Villa That’s Actually a 1-Foot-Wide Strip of Land
    A Florida investor thought he got a great deal when he was buying a $177k-valued villa for $9,100 at a county property tax auction, but it soon turned into sour grapes.  According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, what he actually purchased was not a villa but a 1-foot by... Read more »
  • Apartment Occupancy at Highest Level in Nearly 20 Years
    According to recent data from, strong leasing activity this summer has pushed occupancy levels to their highest level in nearly 20 years.  U.S. apartment occupancy hit 96% in May, up 60 basis points (bps) from April.  In addition, they confirm what we’ve already been seeing with annual rent growth... Read more »
  • Vacation Rental Owners Brace for Travelers Who Were Scammed
    If there is a way to cheat short-term rental customers out of their money online you can bet that criminals will find a way to exploit it.  A recent story at the Virginia-Pilot (Virginia Beach area) illustrated the growing problem of scammers using sites like Craigslist to surreptitiously list and... Read more »
  • New York Landlords Gear-Up for Court battle
    Do you remember the story we posted about the twice-married woman in New York City who was “adopted” at age 58 by an elderly man she befriended so she could stay in his rent-controlled apartment (where he’d been living for at least 85 years, btw)?  Well, as Kathy Fettke reports... Read more »
  • Zip Codes With the Most Baby Boomers
    Rentcafe reminds us that Baby Boomers certainly don’t fit the mold when it comes to housing preferences because while many are staying put in their houses a growing number have become renters.  So where are the most popular places for them to live?  RentCafe crunched Census data for the 250... Read more »
  • Existing Home Sales Up 2.5% in May
    The National Association of Realtors are reporting that existing home sales were up 2.5% in May, marking the first time in two months that there was an increase in sales.  The NAR says that all four major U.S. regions saw a sales growth, with the Northeast experiencing the biggest surge. ... Read more »
  • Thirty Years of the World Wide Web
    Warning…this might make you feel old.  Do you remember those days, just over 30 years ago before there was an internet and a world wide web?  Back when surfing required a board and a beach?  Today’s infographic from the AppInstitute celebrates the past 30 years of history that we’ve had... Read more »
  • Majority of Homeowners & Renters Benefiting from the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act
    A new report from John Burns Real Estate Consulting says that a majority of homeowners & renters benefiting from the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, passed in 2017.   Their research shows that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) will likely impact housing with;  More entry-level home buying in most... Read more »
  • How High are the Beer Taxes in Your State?
    When it comes right down to it, the taxes applied to a good or service ultimately will affect an area’s cost of living and along with it the price of housing.   The folks over at the Tax Foundation remind us that the federal government collects an excise tax on beer... Read more »

Meck Times

  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Do Not Be Afraid 
      I was having a conversation with other real estate investors about the dreadful tactic known as “co-wholesaling”, “joint venturing” or “daisy chaining” in which one investor will have a property for sale, and another “wholesaler” will advertise that property at a higher price as if they were the seller.... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Avoid Financing That Creates Negative Cash Flow 
    By: Chad Carson “After a couple of bankruptcies, even the brightest stars soon discover that ‘Nothing Down’ leads to ‘Nothing Left’.  Feasible financing is the key to real estate cash flow and wealth.  This is best obtained from motivated sellers than from skeptical bankers who insist that you personally guarantee... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Are You Using Positive Leverage? 
      Use of leverage (debt) is an integral strategy for many real estate investors. But in my experience, misuse of leverage is the #1 reason investors lose money.  I have some negative cash flow “scars” to prove this from my own deals! Investing using debt should be treated like carrying... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: A game plan for success investing in real estate 
    INVESTORS’ CORNER: A game plan for success investing in real estate I want to share with you some ideas on using real estate to become debt free and build your cash reserves. It has worked for me and I have also shared this with many other investors and it has... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Establish, Seek, Vet and Fund 
    I recently attended a high-level Mastermind with some extremely successful entrepreneurs. Over the many years that I have been friends with some of these individuals, it’s become clear that for some of them, their focus and priorities are shifting. More attention is being given to making sure they are fully funding their... Read more »
  • INVSTORS’ CORNER: What can I do to Earn Better Returns in Real Estate? 
      If you are looking for low risk and secure investment opportunities that have the potential to offer good returns in the long run, few can do it for you better than real estate investments. This industry not only experiences low volatility, but also offers a sure bet return on... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Value Added with Half Bath 
      Never underestimate the power of a haft bath or (Powder Room) to make your home more livable and increase its resale value. Having more and nicer bathrooms consistently scores high in surveys on homeowners’ wish lists. What’s more, extra baths deliver more than just convenience; a National Association of... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: The Three Currencies of Life 
    Part 1 of 2 Now, don’t get me wrong. I have no guilt or problem with earning and accumulating money. Not having money doesn’t make you a better person, either. Buy my point is this: Will we ever really have enough money? Will money ever make us feel truly secure? Is it... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: The Enthusiastic Borrower 
    You may have seen an instance where a borrower is seeking a private lender to fund what is purported to be an extremely good opportunity. The borrower has tremendous enthusiasm for what they envision doing with a particular property once you lend them your hard-earned money from your tax-protected account. In that... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Title Searches and Insurance 
      During the time I have been licensed to practice law, the way in which title is searched has changed dramatically. Computers and technology have made massive changes to the way information is archived. The offices in each county or parish in each state are responsible for keeping track of the ownership,... Read more »