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  • Are you putting off a big decision or a big life change because you are afraid of what could happen? There is incredible power in defining and getting clear about the worst case scenario, the nightmare that you’re too afraid to look square in the......

  • The concept of fixing and flipping property has taken a new turn and nowadays, it is a lucrative way for investors to amass wealth and increase their personal net worth. Who knew buying that beautiful yacht would become easy after getting the hang of fixing......

  • Wholesaling is a great way to enter the world of real estate investing because you don’t need much capital to begin with. Real estate offers incredible wealth-building opportunities, but for many, it is difficult to get started in because of the huge capital investment required.......

  • As the real estate market continues to heat up and more people are jumping into the investing business, I am starting to see some interesting and disturbing trends, such as multiple wholesalers contracting to buy the same house from the same seller. Yes, the seller is......

  • There are many ways of categorizing people. Especially when it comes to success or failure. Thinking through what I see at my REIA meetings each month, here’s what I’ve noticed: Losers whine about the weather. Winners get to the meeting. Losers complain about the traffic.......

  • Editor’s note: This is the first of a two-part column.  pl. hyp·no·ses (-sz): An artificially induced altered state of consciousness. Real estate hypnosis is the artificial induction of believing the “rules” of real estate don’t change. That well-established principles of real estate must be followed......

  • Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part column. The first appeared Sept. 23. “You need money to make money”: This is the most powerful hypnotic lie for most investors. For most of my students this is the biggest barrier they need to break......

  • When speaking to the uninitiated about the innumerable benefits of investing in real estate, a common response I get is: “well, I don’t want to be running out to unclog a tenant’s toilet at 3am.” I wonder if they think that I want to? That......

  • Real Estate transactions have several participants seated at the closing table that are responsible for the success of the deal and that make a profit from the deal. If you were to sit down and figure the hours spent working on the project then divide......

  • It is well-nigh impossible to impossible to be a Real Estate Investor for any length of time without owning a house that sits vacant at some point- be it between tenants, or after a rehab and while you’re waiting for it to sell (in a......

Real Estate Investing Today

  • Washington Leads the Top 50 Bed Bug Cities
    The pest control and rodent removers at Orkin recently released their annual Top 50 Bed Bug Cities list.  Topping their list this year is Washington, D.C.  Orkin’s list is based on treatment data (residential & commercial) from metro areas where they performed the most bed bug treatments from 12/1/18 through... Read more »
  • Housing Starts Up Nearly 17% in December
    The U.S. government is reporting that privately‐owned housing starts in December were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,608,000.  This figure is 16.9% higher than November’s revised estimate and is 40.8% above one year ago.  Single‐family housing starts in December were at a rate of 1,055,000, which is 11.2%... Read more »
  • Americans Say Now is a Good Time to Purchase a Home
    A recent survey by the National Association of Realtors found that half of those polled (63%) said now is a good time to make a home purchase.  Likewise, 74% of those polled believe that now is a good time to sell.  Well, there you have it…..let’s get flipping!  Happy Friday!!! Hat... Read more »
  • Top Stories of 2019 for Real Estate Investors – Part 2
    Kathy Fettke’s podcast starts off the new year with a run-down of 2019’s significant stories affecting real estate investors.  She says reviewing these important stories will help investors focus on where they are coming from and give them a better understanding of what’s next.  Last fall she said the theme... Read more »
  • Keep Your Cool with these Four Winterization Tips
    Keep Your Cool with these Four Winterization Tips By Jeff Watson, The Home Depot As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. As the fall season concludes, now is the ideal time to start winterization projects that can protect your investment properties and keep costs down... Read more »
  • California to Create its Own Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    Apparently, California still has more tricks up its sleeves to potentially drive out businesses and residents.  As part of his annual state budget, California Governor Gavin Newsom included a proposal for the state to establish its own Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  According to the LA Times, the proposal would overhaul... Read more »
  • Highlights of Final Opportunity Zone Regulations
    Late last month (December, 2019) the final regulations for Opportunity Zones were published by the IRS.  A recent story on Bloomberg Tax by Forrest Milder of Nixon Peabody LLP gives an overview of the final OZ regulations’ highlights and how the IRS addressed the many comments & suggestions.  However, the... Read more »
  • Florida: Come for the Weather and Stay for the Tax Relief When you take a look at the raw numbers, they’re quite startling.  People (particularly wealthy people) who move to Florida from high-tax states can knock thousands of dollars off of their annual tax bills. States such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and California are seeing an exodus of high-income... Read more »
  • Where is America Moving?
    According to their annual Migration Patterns report, Atlas Van Lines said, in 2019, 26 states registered as balanced (moves in & out were roughly equal), 13 as outbound, and 11 as inbound.  Interestingly, their data also showed an overall decrease in moves from 2018 to 2019.  Atlas has annually conducted... Read more »
  • 2020 Housing Market Predictions from Industry Experts
    A recent article in the Washington Post talked with seven of the nation’s leading housing organizations about what 2020 has in store for the housing market.  The Post says that a strong job market along with low mortgage rates should sustain the housing market in 2020, however the problem will... Read more »

Meck Times

  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Don’t Invest in Something You Don’t Understand 
    There are thousands of brilliant ideas for making money out there, but can you execute all of them? Often the simple, understandable plan, well executed, works the best. For our own real estate investment plan, my business partner and I love single family houses and small multi-units (duplexes, triplexes, 4-plexes).... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: The Power or Indignation 
    Indignant is not a very strong adjective.  True, it hits much harder than its perfumed and delicate cousin petulance, but carries nowhere near the weight of its 3 elder brothers- rage, infuriation, and even exasperation. We all have somewhat unique individual reactions when life “hands us lemons”.  Real Estate Investing... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Best Day of the Year to Buy a Home 
    Many of us have vague notions (mostly secondhand, or worse, so dislocated from the source that we cannot begin to gauge their authenticity) of the best time of year to buy or sell a home (two sides of the same coin).  I’ve always heard that winter was a tough Season... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Be A “Don’t-Wanter” of the Deal 
    I’ve been involved in a lot of negotiations, and read a lot of books on the subject.  There is a basic principal of negotiation that is fundamental- that is- below the level of tactics and techniques.  In fact, it doesn’t apply to negotiations alone, but to almost every type of... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: The Vocabulary of Real Estate Investing: Part 3 
    Here are two more words instrumental to a sound grasp of the principles that will speed you along your journey to success in Real Estate Investing: Equity– most of us are aware of the general definition of equity: value minus debt equals equity.  However, there is a phrase that is... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: The Vocabulary of Real Estate Investing 
    Much as with any highly specialized field of endeavor, R/E investing has a language of its own.  A firm grounding in some of the more important terms can help you to grasp subtle nuances, and to more intelligently evaluate and make better distinctions, leading ultimately to wiser decisions. We’ll start... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Avoid the Grass is Greener Syndrome 
      “When it comes to investment, absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder.  Somehow, we are prone to think the grass is greener in the other fellow’s yard … The net result of this is that, while the grass may indeed be greener, it could be a lot more expensive.... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Earnest Money Dos and Don’ts 
    Earnest Money- sophisticated sellers want to see it, legitimate buyers often use it, and the uninformed and untrained are often tripped up over it.             Earnest money is money that purchasers pay to sellers or their agents before closing to demonstrate their good faith, and which the seller and/or agent can... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Why Houses Are Your Best Investments 
    You’ll find endless debate in real estate circles about whether you should buy houses, mobile home parks, apartment buildings, raw land, or commercial buildings.  It’s impossible to say that every person should concentrate on one or the other, but I agree with John that for the average, small investor, you... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: On the Shoulders of Giants 
    “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”.  Sir Isaac Newton The Charlotte Real community has suffered a great loss with the passing of JC Underwood, 15 year Executive Director of the Metrolina Real Estate Investor Association, 2 time President of the National Association... Read more »