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  • Are you putting off a big decision or a big life change because you are afraid of what could happen? There is incredible power in defining and getting clear about the worst case scenario, the nightmare that you’re too afraid to look square in the......

  • The concept of fixing and flipping property has taken a new turn and nowadays, it is a lucrative way for investors to amass wealth and increase their personal net worth. Who knew buying that beautiful yacht would become easy after getting the hang of fixing......

  • Wholesaling is a great way to enter the world of real estate investing because you don’t need much capital to begin with. Real estate offers incredible wealth-building opportunities, but for many, it is difficult to get started in because of the huge capital investment required.......

  • There are many ways of categorizing people. Especially when it comes to success or failure. Thinking through what I see at my REIA meetings each month, here’s what I’ve noticed: Losers whine about the weather. Winners get to the meeting. Losers complain about the traffic.......

  • Editor’s note: This is the first of a two-part column.  pl. hyp·no·ses (-sz): An artificially induced altered state of consciousness. Real estate hypnosis is the artificial induction of believing the “rules” of real estate don’t change. That well-established principles of real estate must be followed......

  • Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part column. The first appeared Sept. 23. “You need money to make money”: This is the most powerful hypnotic lie for most investors. For most of my students this is the biggest barrier they need to break......

  • When speaking to the uninitiated about the innumerable benefits of investing in real estate, a common response I get is: “well, I don’t want to be running out to unclog a tenant’s toilet at 3am.” I wonder if they think that I want to? That......

  • Real Estate transactions have several participants seated at the closing table that are responsible for the success of the deal and that make a profit from the deal. If you were to sit down and figure the hours spent working on the project then divide......

  • It is well-nigh impossible to impossible to be a Real Estate Investor for any length of time without owning a house that sits vacant at some point- be it between tenants, or after a rehab and while you’re waiting for it to sell (in a......

  • I am a big believer in always seeking to learn from others with more knowledge and experience. Mentorship is probably one of the best ways to excel in the practical knowledge of just about anything. When it comes to learning how to invest in real......

Real Estate Investing Today

  • Seattle Tells Small Landlords Criminals are Welcome
    We have had several posts on REI2Day about important legal issues brought to the public’s attention by the Pacific Legal Foundation – including warrantless searches of apartments, 4th amendment rights and property takings.  In a recent opinion article on, Ethan Blevins, an attorney with PLF, says that a “smug”... Read more »
  • 42 Million Americans Will Travel Over Memorial Day
    The American Automobile Association (aka AAA) is predicting that 42 million Americans will travel over the 2018 Memorial Day weekend.  This is nearly 5% more than last year and the highest in over 12 years.  AAA cites the strong economy and growing consumer confidence as reasons behind the increase. “The highest... Read more »
  • Landlord Hank: Where Do You Draw the Line On Normal Wear & Tear?
    Dear Landlord Hank: Where Do You Draw The Line On Normal Wear And Tear? The definition of what is normal wear and tear in a rental can be somewhat subjective at times. That’s why veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi answers questions from other landlords and property managers around the... Read more »
  • Median Property Values by State
    Using data from the American Community Survey and the FHFA index, the National Association of Realtors Economist Outlook recently analyzed the gains and losses of property value over a period of time.  Their research shows the states with the highest estimated median property values in 2017 were Hawaii ($637,892), District... Read more »
  • Smaller Cities Poised to Become Powerhouses
    Where are the smaller cities poised to become powerhouses??  Leave it to who crunched the numbers to discover the small & midsized metros that are “poised to hit it big.”  They looked at data from the 200 largest metros (excluding the 15-largest) and examined population, income, home prices, building... Read more »
  • Is the Era of Low Mortgage Rates Over?
    The Wall Street Journal (via recently reported that mortgage rates have risen to their highest levels since 2011, which they say signals the end of a long period of “ultracheap” loans and has ushered in a new era of higher-rates.  In citing data from Freddie-Mac which showed rates quickly... Read more »
  • HouseCanary’s Q1 Rental Index
    The latest HouseCanary quarterly Canary Rental Index (CRI), reports that the nationwide effective gross yield (EGY) is remaining steady at 7.7%  – which HouseCanary says effectively means that investors can expect a return on their investment of around 7.7%.  The CRI measures Effective Gross Yield, defined as the current fair... Read more »
  • Local Market Monitor’s National Economic Outlook for May
    Local Market Monitor, a National REIA preferred vendor, recently released their National Economic Outlook for May, 2018 where they share their thoughts on developments taking place in the U.S. economy.  Interestingly, Mr. Winzer warns of “a risk we haven’t seen before” resulting from a “greater concentration of jobs and real estate... Read more »
  • 10-Step Foreclosure Buying Process
    Understanding the foreclosure process is a must for real estate investors who hope to pursue this profitable & tricky investing opportunity. The folks over at FortuneBuilders put together this handy infographic outlining the 10-step foreclosure buying process in order help develop a strategy that works for you.  Happy Friday!!! Hat tip... Read more »
  • Right Now, It is a Seller’s Market
    According to Gallup’s annual Economy and Personal Finance poll, 45% of non-homeowners say they plan to buy within the next 5 years, however only 22% of current homeowners plan to sell during that same time frame.  Gallup says that a favorable market for sellers will continue in the near future….Indeed! “One... Read more »

Meck Times

  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: A spoonful of sugar 
    In the classic movie Mary Poppins, there is a delightful song in which we are told that “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” That can be applied to real life today. Once I finish writing this article, I have the unpleasant task of advising two clients on two... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: America migrates south: why Charlotte will continue to grow 
      Every once in a while I read a book that’s just so interesting and relevant that I can’t stop talking about it.  Big Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity For Business by John Burns & Chris Porter is one of those books. In the next two articles, I’ll introduce you to some... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: My credit is bad, can I buy real estate? 
    By Nasar. El-arabi It is not lost on anyone that a bad credit record does not bode well for people looking to buy a home. At least if you are looking to borrow from traditional lenders. Historically, a bad credit record has been an albatross for many a potential homeowner... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: How to achieve financial security 
    Do you know what security means? The word originally comes from two smaller Latin words – se meaning “without” and cure meaning “care.” So, the essence of security is being without care.  It’s a state of mind where you are free from anxiety.1 Entrepreneurship and financial intelligence are the financial “wings” that allow us to fly when... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Tenants, toilets and trash 
    When speaking to the uninitiated about the innumerable benefits of investing in real estate, a common response I get is: “well, I don’t want to be running out to unclog a tenant’s toilet at 3am.” I wonder if they think that I want to? That some masochistic part of me... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Don’t stop, keep walking 
    By    Tom Zeeb   Let me tell you a story of business and adventure. — 2am wake up with 1 hour to eat and prep. — 3-hour climb to the summit in freezing cold wind and complete darkness seeing only what was revealed by our headlamps. — 6am at... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: What are some good books on real estate? 
    By Nasar El-arabi Knowledge is power, the old saying often goes. In the field of real estate investing, that might even be an understatement. Reading the right books has a huge bearing on how you navigate the industry waters, and subsequently how successful you become. We’ve put together a list... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: The ice cream analogy 
    By John Burley   Think of it this way. Most people like ice cream. Yet we all know that ice cream is better with chocolate sauce on the top, and even better with lots of whipped cream. The successful real estate investor looks at the real estate as the ice... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Monthly association of winners (losers stay home) 
    By Tom Zeeb There are many ways of categorizing people. Especially when it comes to success or failure. Thinking through what I see at my REIA meetings each month, here’s what I’ve noticed: Losers whine about the weather. Winners get to the meeting. Losers complain about the traffic. Winners get... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: The best time to make money in real estate is now 
    By John R. Burley Lots of investing strategies that are currently being presented to people who want to begin a career as an active or even casual real estate investor are urging potential investors to invest in real estate by promising them that real estate offers amazing future returns. While... Read more »